KingJvpes is an analog photography website/blog but is also a youtube channel! Content is always related to film photography and the art behind it. Sharing information to new and seasoned veterans to keep the love for film photography alive and going! #FilmIsNotDead

Jonathan Paragas

My name Jonathan Paragas creator of KingJvpes. My love for analog photography is fueled by a passion for street photography. Something about the two go hand in hand and the purity of seeing an image and then using your own two hands to mix chemistry and make an image is pure magic.With film being a dying art form one of my main goals with Kingjvpes is to expand and recover the lost art. Being 20 years old, the first part of my life was shot mostly all on film, then it disappeared. I want to be a part of the resurgence.

Photography Background

I started out photography very interested in portraits but later realized it lacked the sense of mystery and adrenaline. With portraiture you have variable that you can control whether it be lighting, posing, or facial gestures. I was looking for something more organic, something that would force me to actually work for my images, not set them up. I then discovered street photography and absolutely fell in love with it. The photographer is forced to work in any light given to them fulfilling my need to “work”. It’s also very simple and can be done with any camera so no need for crazy expensive gear as long as you have that one lens one camera setup.