My Street Photography Book Recommendations

Intro to Street Photography Monographs 

The great thing about photography is that we can learn from the past masterminds not only through their images but through their words. Every photograph they craft is like poetry, sometimes hard cut and dark, in other times soft and mellow. We can all take away a thing or two from an photographers words. I believe this is one of the best ways to improve your skill in photography. We have the ability to reach into the photographers mind, collect all of their thoughts and put them into our own use. We can find these hidden treasures stacked away in monographs or essays written by the masters themselves. 

When first getting into photo books you have to choose wisely based upon your interests. I am deeply indulged in street photography so I look up to guys like William Klein, Garry Winogrand, Bresson and so on. My book choices will be based around street photographers so please, if you're studying portrait photography or landscape photography familiarize yourself with artists work that you like and look up their books. Luckily we have the internet so you can browse away for hours at a time without having to leave your home! Anyway, if you're a street photographer here are my street Photography Book recommendations.

1.) Henri Cartier Bresson - Interviews and Conversations


This book is amazing for 2 reasons; First this book gives us a real look at what Bresson thinks in various situations from how he see's photography, developing the eye and even technical aspects of photography like printing or camera equipment. Second, the way he describes things almost paint a picture in your head and its like your seeing a photo without actually having one in the book. 



The entire book is small and consist of around 150 something pages but every interview is golden allowing me to get inspired but to also learn from the mastermind himself. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is getting into street photography or needs that kick of inspiration. This is an absolute gold mine! Buy it here -

2.) A respect for Light - Mario Algaze


This is an uncommon book, one that hasn't gotten a lot of recognition (in my opinion). A respect of light is a collection of photographs from a Latin American photographer by the name of Mario Algaze. As street photographers we all fantasize over the European street photography look the Bressons, the Doisneua's but on the other side of the world you have masters like Mario. 180 something pages of magical goodness full of shadow and light play. The way he captures each scene almost as if it were taken straight out of a movie. This is an amazing collection, mostly all square format and can teach you a thing or two about composition. Something I noticed about his work is that he uses the light and shadow to his advantage using them as focal points when theres no leading line. Highly recommend this book to anyone street photography lover or square format shooter.


Unfortunately this book did not get the light that it deserved but luckily for you it is relatively easy to find! Buy it here! -

3.) The Americans - Robert Frank


This book works wonders! This was my second photo book and I remember opening the front cover and seeing the first image. Immediately I became hooked, page after page i kept on going admiring each image. There's a certain character Frank has in his pictures that's very distinct. A great use of elements in his composition as well use of powerful historical moments. The front cover is an image of a bus, white folk in the front and black folk in the back. That image by itself is powerful as hell! Documenting a time of injustice, segregation and the harsh truth to how it was back then. Frank has taught me two things from this book; Your camera can be used as a weapon, to fight injustice and preserve the truth. Two you have the ability to make something out of nothing. 


Experience a foreigners perspective of America in this book only using his eyes and his camera as tools to tell the story. This is an absolute legendary book that everyone should take a look at! If there's one book on this list I'd go for first, it'd be this one! Buy it here! -

4.) Henri Cartier Bresson - Aperture


This book is what really got me hooked onto Bresson's work. A small monograph consisting of only around 30 pages could be one of my favorite books. The images that are in the book include so of his most famous images. Lots to learn from, study and better yet admire. Every one of his images have a certain magic to it. The best thing about this book is it is cheap and can be found easily! 


Bresson also has a book called "The Decisive Moment" which is probably the monograph that will highlight most of his famous work. But that book comes with a $300-$400 price tag. This tiny little book will give you a good glimpse at a handful of Bresson's famous work! Probably the best value on this list! Buy it here -

5.) Vivian Maier Street Photographer


Lastly the book that started it all. This was my first street photography book but even till this day I still look at it. For those of you who don't know the story of Vivian Maier I highly suggest you watch the documentary on netflix. Long story short this woman who had a very strong personality shot a TLR camera and captured images of Chicago. She had hundred maybe even thousands of rolls of film shot but never got all of them developed...That was until a man discovered her large body of work and got it developed. The results were surprising.... Buy this book or watch the show on netflix!!


Vivian's work has inspired many photographers to start shooting square format, including me and my buddy Garth (@Murphysfilm). She was a genius for her time and she didn't even know it. She just used her intuition and her eye. Extremely inspiring photographer and amazing book, highly highly recommend this one! Buy it here -

Final Thoughts

Photography books are different than seeing an image on a phone screen. Printed work is tangible and will slow your eye down from moving too fast. Little details within a composition are exposed in prints the real and true feeling the photographer captured is all there so please consider buying prints and monographs instead of settling for a couple images on your phone. Screen images will never give a photo its full justice, so buy up on some books and get crackin!

Thank you for reading, if you made it to the end.. well you already know. #MinoltaGang!

DISCLAIMER: The links to the items are amazon affiliate links. Any purchase made through that link will give me a small percentage, this will help contribute to my website and creative endeavors! 


11 Analog Photography Channels YOU Should Subscribe to!

The analog photography presents on youtube is growing but lets face it, at the end of the day there's really only a handful of people who are really noticed. There are a couple of channels that stick out more than others but believe it or not, there are TONS of awesome analog photography channels that are still on the rise and don't get the attention they deserve. This list was compiled based on some of my favorite film channels out there, folks who not only shoot 35mm but medium format and even large format. I support all of these guys 100% and I think you should too. These are only based on the channels that I could think of off the top of my head and also uploading frequency. If there is a channel that isn't included I apologize, I do ask you leave the name of the channel in the comment section down below. Let's get started!

1.) Nick Exposed - Nick Exposed an analog photography channel ran by mastermind Nick Mayo. Nick shares his experiences with creative process, various DIY videos for the analog photographer and also runs a series called Two Minute Tuesday (He had it before Peter McKinnon). Nick has been pumping out content weekly and is very active on his instagram account. I've watched him when I first started and I'm sure you won't regret watching him now. Check him out!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.50.05 AM.png


2.) Murphy's Film - My buddy Garth is an analog photographer based out of the UK. He takes you through his experiences with film including photo walks, developing tutorials and much more! He also covers topics such as sunny 16 and various informational material as well that can truly help the learning photographer. One thing that I love about Murphy'sfilm is that not only does he love his hear but he also loves his #Instantcoffee  Garth has a growing presence and he recently purchased a new digital camera for his videos so I HIGHLY recommend you guys check him out and subscribe!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.49.36 AM.png


3.) TimothyMakeups - Tim was one of the first people I've ever watched on youtube. I always knew him as the guy who shoots his videos in black and white. Timothy Ditzler, a documentary/analog photographer based out of Nashville Tennessee vlogs about his photographic journeys. Documenting the encounters he has in his everyday life. His videos are beautiful showing purity and capturing what he see's. A recent piece of work that was very inspirational was a photo of a dead deer. The way he explains the beauty in the photo and the approach he takes within that video just blew, me, away. Please subscribe to TimothyMakeups if you're not already.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.49.17 AM.png


4.) Analog Insights - Analog Insights is ran by two analog photographers Max and Jules. Their channel consist of photography experiments, film reviews and as well as my favorite, camera reviews. These guys make QUALITY videos that are extremely information weather you're just starting out or have been with film for years.  One series in particular called "The Story Behind The Shoot" takes you behind the scenes of a shot or shoot and gives you some ground and insight at what goes on when crafting their images. Very compelling series that I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy! If you're into gear and amazing photography definitely subscribe to Analog Insights.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.48.24 AM.png


5.) Pushing Film - This group of analog photographers from Melbourne Australia share their passion of film photography and as their name suggest they "Push Film". Their channel explodes with different gear reviews, interviews and guides! They cover different film stocks and offer some top notch production value. This team has been killing the game and i strongly suggest you subscribe! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.47.56 AM.png


6.) Matt Day - If you're an analog shooter and you watch a lot of youtube videos, you're probably already subscribed to Matt Day. For the slim percent of you who aren't Matt posts informational videos as well as gear reviews. Something that sets Matt apart is his ability to connect photography in his personal life and also offer informative content. This allows him to put out videos with ease so I recommend if not already, subscribe to Matt Day!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.47.31 AM.png


7.) Viva La film - The creator behind this operation is Jess. Jess takes you behind the scenes shooting different cameras and sharing her experiences. She has 13 videos on her channel as of now and has a total of 9 episodes in her series of shooting different cameras. Of those episodes she has a video on the highly sought after Olympus MJU II as well as the Nikon F3! Her channel is fresh and ready to grow so definitely if you enjoy a good watch and wanna see certain cameras in use, subscribe to Viva La Film. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.47.10 AM.png


8.) Mike Janik - Mike Janik, a Toronto based analog photographer takes you through his time out shooting by incorporating POV's and also making videos on different analog cameras. His video on the Olympus XA is what influenced me to find one and his uptempo but very chill personality adds to feel of his videos. He also has this dope orange wall where he records a lot of his videos. Subscribe to the man of good luck and good light!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.43.58 AM.png


9.) Old Cameras - The next channel I'm gonna talk about is one that I watch on a weekly basis. His content is based on old cameras (film cameras) as his title suggest but also experiences, gear reviews and much more. A lot of his video work is shot in black an white which adds to the theme of his channel. He's done tons, and I mean TONS of camera gear reviews in the past and I believe he's based out of the UK so if you wanna see some amazing UK photography and more gear reviews subscribe to Old Cameras here

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.43.21 AM.png


10.) Awesome Cameras - Joey from Awesome Cameras, a channel with videos "about anything pertaining to cameras that are AWESOME!" Is what his about page reads. This channel explodes with a variety of videos such as camera reviews, film photography challenged and even camera comparison videos to help you decide on which camera to buy. Awesome cameras is a channel you MUST subscribe to as the hard work and content they put out is top notch! Subscribe to them here

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.42.56 AM.png


11.) Eduardo Pavez Goye - Lastly we have Eduardo Pavez Goye a street photographer based out in the UK (I believe he's originally from Chile). His channel is based around shooting different cameras, trying them out and giving  a little insight to what he thinks about them. What I love about Ed's work on youtube is that he takes you guys with him out shooting in almost everyone one of his videos. He shows you the exact moment when he captures a photo by having someone video tape him. Even just watching his shot film episodes can teach you a lot about street photography. This is one of the channels that I learned from when I started so if you're into street photography, photography and general and wanna see MORE camera reviews, he's definitely worth the sub.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.42.29 AM.png


So there you have it! 11 analog photography channels you should follow. Like i said in the beginning if there are any that I din't include please feel free to comment down below the new of the channel! Enjoy. #MinoltaGang